A word from the Founder:

“My personal mission with my non-profit organization is simple.  I wasn’t always blessed with an unimaginable lifestyle such as the one of a professional athlete. I did however, always imagine having a platform and I am blessed to be where I’m at now to use it. I want to spread a message to all those on the cusp of feeling like giving up on their dream or their efforts to whatever their talent, art, hobby or hustle is. Don’t do it.

There is a reason why you are as good as you are in whatever presence God called you to be in. When I was cut by the Atlanta Falcons, I was told I wasn’t going to be playing on that football team that year and that the, “odds were against me”.  Little did I know, over the next year I would have to substitute teacher and be a security guard at a nightclub down the street from where I lived. I DIDN’T and couldn’t have imagined not playing a sport I played every year of my life since the age of 4 and all of a sudden, it was took right from me! I spent the next season of my life trying to make ends meet. Working out when I could, not understanding why I wasn’t getting any calls or workouts, confused and ready to give up. The hardship drove me to pray harder and stay dedicated while grinding from behind the scenes for months without knowing if anything would ever come from it.

When my friends visited, they understood they had to workout too because my tunnel vision kept me focused. I had a goal. Almost everyone of my best friends now have worked out with me and damn near passed out because they knew if around me, you were going to be working!


I’m dedicated and my arrow is green and upward. I have wholeheartedly developed this non-profit organization to not only give back to the people and community that gave me so much when I was growing up while down and bad but to also be an opportunity to further paying it forward.

I want the Rosie Nix Foundation to put on events that will single-handedly touch kids in a way in which they understand that we are giving back by providing them with exclusive resources and a devoted team.

I want to help our youth who are just in the beginning stages of figuring it all out to understand that life is not easy and there will be challenges but resilience in the face of adversity is what we can control, not what happens to us. I believe through my multiple events and activities ranging from fundraisers to scholarships to exclusive giveaways and pop-up surprises, the Rosie Nix Foundation will become a staple in the city of Columbus and surrounding areas! Our work aims to improve community situations in all aspects, for all people, from all different backgrounds!!!”

-Roosevelt Nix-Jones


dream big. work hard. win.

“I pray that my story will help those who have been called into a meeting and told the same thing… ‘the odds were against you.' ”

-Roosevelt Nix-Jones